FS2004 Utilities/Misc
Download: sclq_af_om.zip (275 KB)

Author: Osvaldo Martinez
Date: 28 Feb 2012
FS2004 AFCAD File For SCLQ.
La Ligua Diego Portales, SCLQ, is a small airdrome located in the central zone of Chile. AFCAD2 improved to work fine with photoreal ground textures.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: umkala.zip (1046 KB)

Author: Gera Godoy Canova
Date: 13 Feb 2012
FSX Adventure, In Search Of The "Tihikrak".
From the notes of Dr. Efraini Spagetti, famous zoologist of the 1930s: Mystery Island March 23, 1937. "The plane has gone on its third day looking for the Sea Monster, it took off at 7:00 AM and now at 6:00 PM we have not heard a word from it, no SOS no nothing. Iliana was in it, something must have happened to the search party. I am afraid this is the end of the expedition.. Today some believe this expedition did not exist! Why don't you check and see?

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: klas_2011_ka.zip (2023 KB)

Author: Kambiz Agazi
Date: 23 Jan 2012
FSX AFCAD File For KLAS, McCarran International Airport, Nevada, NV.
KLAS_2011 represents a modification to the FSX stock Acceleration airport per November 2011 specifications - should work with FSX SP2 but no support provided.

FS2004 Utilities/Misc
Download: lbwn_afcad_2011.zip (243 KB)

Author: Niko Nikolov
Date: 11 Jan 2012
FS2004 AFCAD File For LBWN, Varna Airport, Bulgaria.
This is an update to the add-on scenery by Mitia Alexandrov, VARNA10.ZIP This update represents the airport after 2011-2012 upgrade with asphalt covered runway, also some ships and bridges added in the area.

FS2004 Utilities/Misc
Download: chayka_afb.zip (65 KB)

Author: Niko Nikolov
Date: 05 Jan 2012
FS2004 AFCAD File For Chayka AFB.
Chayka Bulgarian Air Force helicopter base near Varna, Bulgaria.

FS2004 Utilities/Misc
Download: scli_om.zip (93 KB)

Author: Osvaldo Martinez
Date: 30 Dec 2011
FS2004 Llico - Torca AFCAD, Chile.
Torca Airdrome SCLI in shore of Vichuquen and Torca Lake, is serving the traffic for Vichuquen lake and Llico town in Chile.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: fsxc208bsplash.zip (1118 KB)

Author: Mauro Carini
Date: 21 Dec 2011
FSX Splash Screen, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan.
No additional comments.

FS2004 Utilities/Misc
Download: oltjatr42.zip (13056 KB)

Author: Pawel Krupiej
Date: 30 Nov 2011
FS2004 ATR-42-300, OLT Jetair, SP-KTR.
No additional comments.

FS2004 Utilities/Misc
Download: flightplan_principal_update.zip (51 KB)

Author: Leonel Pardo
Date: 25 Oct 2011
FS2004 Flight Plans For Principal Airlines.
No additional comments.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: fsxc-5msplashscreen.zip (419 KB)

Author: Majd Awabdeh
Date: 25 Oct 2011
FSX Lockheed C-5M Splash Screen.
An HD splash screen of the mighty Lockheed C-5 Galaxy.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: dlgsplash-3.zip (854 KB)

Author: Unknown
Date: 07 Sep 2011
FSX Splash Screen.
No additional comments.

FS2004 Utilities/Misc
Download: grand_canyon-1.zip (1947 KB)

Author: Unknown
Date: 04 Sep 2011
FS2004 Grand Canyon Flight Plan.
FSX Flight Plan for a flight through the Grand Canyon. If you want some spectacular views and fun flying try out this flight plan. There are over 800 waypoints used that take you through most of the canyon. Two flights included. One going eastbound and the other going westbound. You will be flying in the default Cessna 172 with the autopilot connected. Just sit back and watch the scenery go by. Don't get too relaxed because there are a couple of turns that you will have to take control of the aircraft. Included in this package are two spectacular gauges by Karol Chlebowski for TFR flying and Pave Tack which enhance the sight seeing experience. Another option to download Version 2.1 of my mini panel which has all this functionality included and more.

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