FS2004 Sounds
Download: a306cf65.zip (29278 KB)

Author: Emil Serafino Jr. FS Sound Project
Date: 03 Jun 2005
FS2004 Authentic General Electric CF6-80C2A Series Sounds A306/A310, Version 5.
Yet again another version of the GE CF6 Sounds for the A300 and A310. This time you'll notice various improvements such a reduced file size, which will tremendously improves your framerates and for you Dial Up users.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: 737sndud.zip (9749 KB)

Author: Adam Murphy
Date: 06 May 2005
FS2004 Ultimate 737 Soundset Update.
This is an update for the soundset for th 737.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: 737sndam.zip (11430 KB)

Author: Adam Murphy
Date: 27 Apr 2005
FS2004 Ultimate 737 Soundset.
This is an awesome Boeing 737-3/4/500 seires soundset. The combustion sounds were all recorded from a real 737!! They sound awesome. The rest of the sounds were all default.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: a340engs.zip (30629 KB)

Author: Unknown
Date: 27 Apr 2005
FS2004 Airbus A-340-200300 CFM56-5CX Engines Sound Package.
This is final version is for Aerodesign A340 models & Posky A340-200/300 Models only.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: aisnd_10.zip (3125 KB)

Author: Airport Chat Developer Team
Date: 24 Apr 2005
FS2004 AI Sound Environment, Version 1.0.
This AddOn produces a more realistic sound environment by changing and replacing some FS sound files. You will hear more realistic sounds of props, large and small size jets. In addition you hear also reverse sound for the following types of aircraft: Turboprops, Small Jets, Medium Jets, Large Jets.

FS2002/FS2004 Sounds
Download: x29snz.zip (3971 KB)

Author: Aaron R. Swindle / Skysong Soundworks
Date: 22 Mar 2005
FS2002/FS2004 Grumman X-29 Soundset.
Compiled to give the aircraft a good smooth growl inside and out. Also suitable for the F-5 Tiger. Written for Kazunori Ito's X29_2K4.ZIP. Freeware.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: looffsnz.zip (1532 KB)

Author: Lou Frost
Date: 16 Mar 2005
FS2004 Looff Carrousel Sound Package.
LAGO Sound Pkg. for Looff Carrousel in Spokane WA. A supplement to the LOOFF.ZIP scenery. Authenic Looff Carrousel Ruth Organ music. Other local sounds and eyecandy. For Flight Simulator COG FS9 ONLY.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: dc3consn.zip (4322 KB)

Author: Adam Murphy
Date: 20 Feb 2005
FS2004 Douglas DC-3 sounds.
Modified Default DC-3 sounds.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: b757snz.zip (10364 KB)

Author: Aaron R. Swindle / Skysong Soundworks
Date: 02 Feb 2005
FS2002/FS2004 Boeing 757 Soundsuite.
Recorded off the flight deck and on the tarmac. Superior quality stereo sound. From idle to reverse thrust unsurpassed realism and immersion. The bass blast and echoing anomoly's have been addressed and fixed. This compilation captures the 757's unique moaning high pitch and large fan sound. Includes complete startup shutdown custom stall custom gear warning exit door apu crushing reversers roll ac touchdown flaps autopilot disconnect. Shareware $10.00 Uses the FlightOne wrapper system for purchase and install. This package is also suitable for the Boeing 767.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: b58snd.zip (1966 KB)

Author: Daniel Sallee
Date: 30 Jan 2005
FS2004 Beechcraft Baron Soundset v2.0.
Beechcraft Baron 58 interior soundset recorded from a real Baron. For use with the default FS2004 Baron 58.

FS2002/FS2004 Sounds
Download: a10snz.zip (4557 KB)

Author: Aaron R. Swindle / Skysong Soundworks
Date: 15 Jan 2005
FS2002/FS2004 Fairchild Republic/A10 Warthog Tank Killer Soundset.
Compiled from authentic training films. Captures the wonderful whine and growl of the low level fighter aircraft. Complete internal and exterior immersion. Complete with startup and shutdown, warnings, avionics, canopy, turbine, roll, gear, stall, wind, autopilot. Shareware $7.00 U.S. Install and purchase use the FlightOne wrapper software. Also available through PayPal.

FS2002/FS2004 Sounds
Download: pt22snz.zip (2419 KB)

Author: Aaron R. Swindle / Skysong Soundworks
Date: 15 Jan 2005
FS2002/FS2004 Ryan PT-22 Recruit Soundset.
Complied to showcase the unique sound of the vintage aircraft.

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