FS98/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004/FSX Sounds
Download: gecf680a.zip (29467 KB)

Author: Emil Serafino Jr.
Date: 03 Aug 2007
FS98/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004/FSX General Electric CF6-80C2A5 Soundset, Highly Authentic.
This Soundset is a highly realistic, 100% authentic rendition of the General Electric CF6-80C2A5 powerplants that power the Airbus A-300-600 aircraft.

FS2002/FS2004/FSX Sounds
Download: hu16snd.zip (7554 KB)

Author: Michael Verlin
Date: 08 Jun 2007
FS2002/FS2004/FSX HU-16 Albatross 2.0 Sound Package.
No additional comments.

FS2004/FSX Sounds
Download: iaev25v2.zip (13596 KB)

Author: Alexandre Oliveira
Date: 15 Mar 2007
FS2004/FSX IAE V2500 Sounds, Version 2.0.
The new version of IAE V2500. These sounds are as real as it gets for the IAE V2500 engine.

FS2004/FSX Sounds
Download: 747spjt9.zip (11559 KB)

Author: Emil Serafino Jr.
Date: 09 Mar 2007
FS2004/FSX Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7FW Soundset For The Boeing 747SP.
With this soundset you can now enjoy the 747SPs in all their glory by having an unreal authentic audio experience that is not comparable to other JT9D soundsets. Many of the sounds in this set were recorded from a real SAA Boeing 747SP with JT9D-7FW engines and other SPs as well.

FS2004/FSX Sounds
Download: f14snz.zip (3752 KB)

Author: Aaron R. Swindle, Skysong Soundworks
Date: 29 Jan 2007
FS2004/FSX Grumman F-14 Tomcat Soundset.
In fond remembrance of all who flew and maintained the F-14 Tomcat aircraft. This soundset was previously part of the TopGunII payware package. Now freeware for everyone to enjoy.

FS98 Sounds
Download: realt154.zip (5429 KB)

Author: Denis Meck
Date: 20 Jan 2007
FS98 Tupolev Tu-154 Real Sounds.
Includes 25 real Tupolev Tu-154 sounds: start, reverse-thrust, real cockpitsound and many more.

FSX Sounds
Download: aisound2.zip (19754 KB)

Author: Alan Constable
Date: 09 Dec 2006
FSX AI Advanced Airblast Sounds, Version 2.
This version removes some unwanted background noises,and delivers a more directional sound. These sounds have been resampled specially to give you a stunning airport enviroment in FSX, using Goldwave 517, along with Microsoft ADPCM format.they now include take off sounds, landings, reverse thrust and many more AI aircraft sounds. All sounds can be heard both inside and outside a cockpit, the sounds can also be heard from a control tower although signifently reduced. They have been tested on a Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.40 processor,with a Nvida GeForce 7900GS video card with no adverse frame rate loss. Just simply pull up beside a runway, or take off area of your chouce either outside or in your cockpit, turn your sound down,and be prepared to hold on to your hat! These files do not have any effect on/or any components in FSX other than AI AirCraft sounds, and can easily removed if you dont like them.

FS2004/FSX Sounds
Download: iaev25.zip (13156 KB)

Author: Alexandre Oliveira
Date: 06 Dec 2006
FS2004/FSX IAE V2500 Sounds, Version 1.0.
These sounds are as real as it gets for the IAE V2500 engine. All sounds were compared with the A319/320 Tam V2500 engine.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: s34sound.zip (9780 KB)

Author: Benny Miller
Date: 27 Oct 2006
FS2004 Saab 340 Sound Replacement.
This sound replacement package is designed for the Flight Factory-Simulations, LLC "FFS" Saab 340 Turbo Prop. This package features real Saab sounds and requires 3 files from the original Flight Factory-Simulations, LLC "FFS" Saab 340 sound folder in order to take full advantage of this sound replacement.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: f5sndv2.zip (9231 KB)

Author: Ferry Sab
Date: 09 Oct 2006
FS2004 Northrop F-5 Sounds, Version 2.
It's a sound file composed for F-5. Also a sound file suitable for any kind of Fighter Jets.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: rrtr700s.zip (10371 KB)

Author: Emil Serafino Jr.
Date: 15 Jul 2006
FS2004 Rolls Royce Trent 700 Series Soundset For The Airbus A-330.
Strap yourself in your seat and embrace yourself for an unforgettable unreal audio experience. These sounds were the very result of two months in the making, and the completed result is really something any flightsimmer will appreciate. This soundset has been built exclusively based on the real Trent 768, 772 and 772B counterparts, thus making it the best Trent 700 set available today. Using the best compression method of Microsoft ADPCM, this soundset is only yours for the price of 10MB however with all the great sound quality preserved. This set will work with any A330 that you can get your hands on, preferably the Overland, Flightcraft or Posky A330s.

FS2004 Sounds
Download: rrtrntv3.zip (29390 KB)

Author: Steven Persson
Date: 09 Apr 2006
FS2004 Airbus A-330-300RR Sounds.
No additional comments.

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