FS2004 Scenery
Download: geneva_lsgg_v2.zip (17854 KB)

Author: Mike Nicholls
Date: 15 Dec 2012
FS2004 LSGG, Aeroport Internatinoal de Geneve-Cointrin, Switzerland.
Version 2, update Following the original update to the main apron, this further update improves the two apron areas to the west and northwest of the airport. Provides warehouses, night lighting, correction to parking spots, additional vehicles, trees, etc.

FSX Scenery
Download: spim_fsx_mr.zip (940 KB)

Author: Menno C. Robert
Date: 15 Dec 2012
FSX SPIM, Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima, Peru.
Using ADEx 1.51, aeronautical maps and Google Earth this is a complete makeover of Peru's main international and domestic airport. Includes a new terminal building as the default building was poorly modeled, extended and added the gates as per today's situation. In addition includes the cargo area, hangars, maintenenace buildings, roads, parkings, runways and taxiways.

FSX Scenery
Download: fsx_afcad_lfmi_istres.zip (4507 KB)

Author: Jacques Vallcaneras
Date: 12 Dec 2012
FSX AFCAD File For LFMI, Istres-Le Tube, France.
It will accept the FS2004 MAIW traffic packages. Also, a particular helicopters traffic. The read-me file will give all explanations.

FSX Scenery
Download: hl77.zip (1374 KB)

Author: Barrie Semmens
Date: 12 Dec 2012
FSX HL77, Okba Ibn Nafa Airbase, Libya.
The military airbase known as Okba Ibn Nafa in Libya, HL77, displays two parallel runways, 10L-28R and 10R-28L, and little else other than the odd scattered desert shrub, single road or camel track over a sandy wasteland. Okba Ibn Nafa was renditioned in order that the airfield would display at least some sort of reality to the satellite imagery of the actual airbase. Because of the military nature of HL77, only a limited amount of information about the airfield was available to the general public. Fictitious names were given to the Air Base's four camp areas, which apparently house some 10-12 hardened aircraft shelters, a number of military personnel barracks and a pentagon shape munitions storage area outside the airfield perimeter. Fictitious navigational and ATC aids were created for the Air Base. The scenery is intended for FSX, with FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack

FSX Scenery
Download: spruce_creek_fl.zip (5564 KB)

Author: Art Poole
Date: 12 Dec 2012
FSX 7FL6, Spruce Creek Fly-in Community, Florida, FL, USA.
Touted as the world's most famous residential airpark, this airfield resides within the Daytona Beach International Airport, KDAB, controlled airspace. The scenery includes photo landclass changes, rework of the runway, taxiways, aprons and parking; custom scenery objects and placement of library objects. Scenery in this package is based on Virtual Earth, Bing, and Google Earth imagery and photos taken locally. The package includes airport arrival-departure procedures published by the fly-in and scenery associated with the VFR "Tank Departure".

FS2004 Scenery
Download: siskiyou_ksiy.zip (2033 KB)

Author: Sidney Schwartz
Date: 09 Dec 2012
FS2004 KSIY, Siskiyou County Airport, Montague, California, CA, USA.
Siskiyou is located in the spectacular scenery of southwest Oregon, near the California border. Custom buildings and all the usual stuff. Accurate layout and building placement. IAP included.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: sanf_ar.zip (10379 KB)

Author: Julian Avisenis
Date: 06 Dec 2012
FS2004 San Fernando International Airport.
The largest private international airport in Argentina, in Buenos Aires Province. Runways are 1800m, 5910 feet, long. Includes many Gmax scenery objects. New adjacent scenery including landclass. Uses EZ-Scenery and Rwy12 objects, included.

FSX Scenery
Download: 3u2-johnson-creek-airport_zip.zip (13305 KB)

Author: Orion Lyau
Date: 03 Dec 2012
FSX Johnson Creek Airport, Idaho, United States.
Johnson Creek Airport, FAA ID: 3U2, a grass airstrip located in central Idaho, ID, three miles, 5 km, south of Yellow Pine, a village in Valley County, Idaho, United States. It is managed by the Idaho Division of Aeronautics of the Idaho Transportation Department. A caretaker resides at the field, and as a result, the turf runway is well cared for. Johnson Creek is in the category of backcountry airstrips, and is popular with pilots who enjoy airplane camping. This FSX rendition includes volumetric grass, static aircraft, 1 meter/pixel photoscenery, 10 meter mesh, full autogen annotation, and is color corrected and blended into the surrounding scenery.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: kmer_castleafb_dlffs9.zip (16746 KB)

Author: Dan French
Date: 03 Dec 2012
FS2004 Castle AFB Scenery / AI Package.
Custom structures, including fuel tanks, rail equipment and unloading rack, and drive-thru parking AFCAD for Castle AFB, California, CA, USA, KMER Traffic files and textures included to add custom painted AI B52s and KC135s and Marine 1 helicopter. Usual core scenery libraries plus several AI aircraft downloads required for full function. Instructions provided.

FSX Scenery
Download: ghost_airports_maryland_kbma.zip (716 KB)

Author: Richard O. Finley
Date: 24 Nov 2012
FSX Ghost Airports - Maryland -
MA, Baltimore Municipal Airport / Harbor Field, BMA

FSX Scenery
Download: bc_ferries_scenery.zip (38126 KB)

Author: Bryan Wallis
Date: 21 Nov 2012
FSX Orbx Compatible British Columbia Ferries, British Columbia, Canada, V1.
0. An add-on to Orbx PNW and/or PFJ scenery. This scenery adds several custom made British Columbia ferries and associated terminus along the entire coast of British Columbia. You must have Orbx Pacific Northwest and/or Pacific Fjord scenery to use the compiled scenery files however a static library of BC ferries objects is also provided so that you may place the ferries into any desired location. The scenery is designed to be compatible only with Orbx PNW and PFJ scenery. Missing from Orbx coastal BC scenery are good models of the BC Ferries. Five different ferries from the BC Ferries fleet are modelled and placed in strategic locations. In real life it is almost impossible to fly coastal BC and not see one or more BC Ferries in service. There are 47 ferry ports of call 5a2 on 25 routes throughout coastal British Columbia. Several ferries are nearly 600 feet in length and can carry over 2000 people and nearly 500 vehicles. There are many smaller inter-island ferries that hop between small islands providing necessary lifelines to the folks that live on these islands.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: eddf-2012.zip (422 KB)

Author: Gernot Zander
Date: 21 Nov 2012
FS2004 EDDF, Frankfurt/Main Airport 2012, Germany.
Includes new taxiway naming scheme as of 2011/06/13, new ground signs and taxiway signs; new runway 07L/25R with both entries, corrected ground, opened wall; new gate T1A+, still in construction; new southwest hangar area; corrected threshold positions; new tower position; new south gate area T3G, still in construction.

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