FS2004 Scenery
Download: kvld.zip (5479 KB)

Author: Tommy Harris
Date: 14 Mar 2013
FS2004 KVLD, Valdosta Regional Airport, Georgia, USA.
Valdosta Regional Airport was constructed in the 1940s as a general aviation facility. The airport is situated on 760 acres of land, just south of the City of Valdosta, GA. In 1980, commercial commuter service to/from Atlanta was inaugurated. The airport consists of three runways, two of which may be used by current ASA commercial aircraft.

FSX Scenery
Download: kunkuru_lodge.zip (11679 KB)

Author: Philip Schall
Date: 11 Mar 2013
FSX Kunkuru Game Lodge Airstrip, located north of Gauteng in the Waterberg mountains, South Africa.
It is a popular fly away destination for aviators from Gauteng. This is freeware and made with custom designed buildings and a photoreal base. Also includes some nice features like wildlife.

FSX Scenery
Download: kunduz.zip (11891 KB)

Author: Jacques Botha
Date: 08 Mar 2013
FSX OAUZ, Kunduz Airport, Afghanistan.
Features custom models with photo base that changes with the seasons.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: tisx_v2_.zip (7056 KB)

Author: Delblond Christian
Date: 08 Mar 2013
FS2004 TISX, Henry E Rohlsen International Airport,Christiansted, Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands.
This new version adds peoples in the airport.

FSX Scenery
Download: ktex-2.zip (33120 KB)

Author: Frits Beyer
Date: 05 Mar 2013
FSX Telluride Regional Airport, Colorado, CO, USA.
Telluride Regional is the highest commercial airport in America at 9078 feet msl. You get photoreal with seasons, custom ground poly rumways, custom buildings and effects. FSX Acceleration will give the best results, also SP2 compatable Acceleration users will have more eye candy.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: tofino_cyaz_2012.zip (10669 KB)

Author: Sidney Schwartz
Date: 05 Mar 2013
FS2004 CYAZ, Tofino Airport, 2012, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
This final version is a complete, from-the-ground-up rebuild. Every building and many of the other scenery objects are custom made based on photos and using photo texturesThe images in the "Tour" folder will take you on a tour of the real and virtual airport., In the time since the first two virtual versions were made, a new terminal building has been added to the east ramp at the real Tofino, along with some new hangars, and the scenery includes these changes. Tofino has an NDB instrument approach, CYAZ NDB A.pdf, but night operations are not allowed. For this reason the new terminal building has no night lighting. The golf clubhouse restaurant and pro shop are open after dark for your shopping and dining pleasure. This scenery represents many hours of work.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: kriv_js.zip (6960 KB)

Author: Unknown
Date: 02 Mar 2013
FS2004 KRIV, March ARB, Riverside, California, USA.
No additional comments.

FSX Scenery
Download: blackburn.zip (223 KB)

Author: Neil Birch
Date: 27 Feb 2013
FSX Blackburn Wind Farms for users of Neil's Microlight's.
Eight new wind generators in and around the town of Blackburn, Lancashire, UK.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: kfty-1.zip (9097 KB)

Author: Tommy Harris
Date: 24 Feb 2013
FS2004 KFTY, Fulton County Airport, Georgia, GA, USA.
Fulton County Airport, KFTY, at Charlie Brown Field is the nearest airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and handles much of the general aviation traffic that would otherwise go there. The airport exists below and in close proximity to ATL's Class B airspace.

FSX Scenery
Download: orsu_fsx.zip (3413 KB)

Author: Menno C. Robert
Date: 24 Feb 2013
FSX ORSU, Sulaimaniyah International Airport, Kurdistan, Iraq.
Sulaimaniyah International Airport is an airport 15 kilometers outside of the city of Sulaimaniyah, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The airport has facilities for both cargo and passengers. Sulaimaniyah International Airport has three terminals for departures, arrivals and VIP. The construction of the airport began in November 2003, and it was inaugurated in July 2005 and is unknown to FSX. Using ADEx 1.51 and the Iraq AIP this airport was built from scratch. Google Earth's images are too old, 2004, to offer any help regarding buildings, vegetation and surrounding areas like offices, parkings and roads. With the help of pictures found on the real airport site, this is the best rendition for now.

FSX Scenery
Download: sumu_fsx_mr.zip (3610 KB)

Author: Menno C. Robert
Date: 24 Feb 2013
FSX SUMU, Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Carrasco/General Cesaero L. Berisso International Airport commonly known simply by Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco in reference to the neighborhood where it is located, is the main airport serving Montevideo, Uruguay, located in the adjoining department of Canelones. It is the largest airport in Uruguay. Using ADEx 1.51, aeronautical maps and Google Earth the new runway structure and the new terminal building make this rendition of the airport on par with the present situation. It now is a joy to fly.

FSX Scenery
Download: fsx_eham.zip (4051 KB)

Author: Menno C. Robert
Date: 21 Feb 2013
FSX EHAM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands.
Schiphol is The Netherlands' main international airport, located 20 minutes, 9.1 km; 5.6 mi, southwest of Amsterdam, in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Using ADEx 1.50, aeronautical maps and Google Earth, 2008, the default AFCAD has been completely reworked to reflect today's situation including gate assignments. Schiphol has a complex runway layout and usage and FSX may assign a runway that in real life is not used as such. Jim Vile's crosswind runway technique has been implemented to open all runways. Now the pilot can decide which runway to use but AI aircraft may show unrealistic behavior. Only tailored AFCADs taking into account different wind directions will solve this but that is beyond the scope of this project. Jetways appear based on your "scenery complexity" settings. Higher settings may effect your PC's performance.

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