FSX Scenery
Download: stmarys_scillys.zip (15390 KB)

Author: Harry Patten
Date: 22 May 2013
FSX St Marys Isles Of Scilly, UK.
A complete makeover of the Scillonian Islands airport of St Marys. Includes: animated people, realistic terminal building, static aircraft, aircraft in repair on the appropriate side of the airfeild, the Skybus office located to the north of airfeild plus a very realistic car park with 3D cars.

FSX Scenery
Download: orbi_fsx_mr.zip (15278 KB)

Author: Menno C. Robert
Date: 19 May 2013
FSX ORBI, Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad, Iraq.
Slowly but surely the Baghdad international airport comes back to life. Although the airport is quite large, it is not yet used to its maximum. Some aprons still have no real use and thus are empty. Apron V, the presidential apron, is still present but might have been restructured by now. Using ADEx 1.51 and the Iraq AIP this AFCAD updates the default airport to what it is now on paper. Google Earth's images are too old to offer any help regarding buildings, vegetation and surrounding areas like offices, parkings, roads and apron V. For those interested, the complete Iraq AIP is attached. It not only gives complete information about several Iraqi airports, it also holds approach plates of most of them. You will also find plates for ORSU, for which an AFCAD has been uploaded separately.

FSX Scenery
Download: schupfart.zip (1827 KB)

Author: Michael Bruttel
Date: 19 May 2013
FSX LSZI, Fricktal Schupfart.
The scenery is located in the hills of the eastern Jura in Switzerland near Basel. The airport is placed with images of Google Maps and Skyguide chart.

FSX Scenery
Download: haltikon_lsxr_10.zip (12845 KB)

Author: Quanchi Alex
Date: 16 May 2013
FSX LSXR, Haltikon Airport.
A heliport used by Heli Gotthard and Heliswiss International located in Haltikon, Kussnacht am Rigi, SZR reproduced square landing, two hangars, residential buildings, warehouses, sawmill Schilliger Holz AG.

FSX Scenery
Download: svcn_fsx.zip (52453 KB)

Author: David Maldonado
Date: 16 May 2013
FSX Canaima National Park, Venezuela.
This package includes Canaima Airport-SVCN, Angel Falls, created by Jean St-Cyr, and camp Kavak-SVKV, new in FSX With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery of Google Earth. This scenery includes terminal building with realistic textures from images obtained from Internet. Also includes a friendly auto-install.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: viennav1_.zip (1413 KB)

Author: Mike Nicholls
Date: 16 May 2013
FS2004 LOWW, Vienna International Airport, Schwechat, Austria.
Features the inclusion of the new Austrian Star Alliance Terminal completed in 2012. Also adds a cargo area, jetways, night lighting, and additional airport facilities and vehicles.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: fs2004_edcj_chemnitz-jahnsdorf_prealpha.zip (28313 KB)

Author: Unknown
Date: 10 May 2013
FS2004 EDCJ, Chemnitz, Germany.
No additional comments.

FS2004 Scenery
Download: lugano_v1.zip (751 KB)

Author: Mike Nicholls
Date: 07 May 2013
FS2004 LSZA, Lugano Airport, Agno, Switzerland.
Features small added cargo area, night lighting, and additional airport facilities and vehicles. A few caravans and holiday homes have been placed near the lake to represent a camp site which lies on the approach into runway 01. This approach into Lugano is testing with its unusually steep 6.7 degree glide slope. Original AFCAD file by Roberto Siciliano, amended as necessary to accomodate changes to the main apron and for additional buildings.

FSX Scenery
Download: keri_runway_extension_update_3.zip (294 KB)

Author: Richard O. Finley
Date: 01 May 2013
FSX Erie International, Tom Ridge Field, Update #3, Pennsylvania, PA, USA.
This update to the KERI 2012 runway extension project scenery resolves issues and ommisions that have surfaced since Update #2, KERI_RUNWAY_EXTENSION_UPDATE_2.ZIP , was released. One issue resolved involves moving traffic that shows up at the old approach end of runway 24 for users of certain third party scenery enhancements. This update adds several changes and enhancements including runway 6 displaced threshold and taxiway B parallel to 2-20 drawn to the correct width.

FSX Scenery
Download: keri_runway_extension_update_2.zip (7801 KB)

Author: Richard O. Finley
Date: 28 Apr 2013
FSX KERI, Erie International Airport, Tom Ridge Field, Pennsylvania, PA, USA.
This is an update to fully incorporate the KERI 2012 runway extension project. The first R.O. Finley KERI scenery release depicted the stock FSX KERI with the runway extension construction depicted but not connected to the existing runway. The first update to that simulation connected the construction to the runway enabling use of full extended length of the KERI runway but depicted the construction still in progress. KERI air traffic controllers advise the 2012 extension should be open by the end of October 2012. The men and equipment near the runway have been removed and the construction area cleaned up in this version. Several buildings have either been added or enhanced. The main terminal has been completely rebuilt. Pavement gaps, misalignments land ommissions have been corrected. Quite a bit of detail has been added, corrected or refined.

FSX Scenery
Download: kcos_colospgspetersonafb_dlffsx.zip (3437 KB)

Author: Dan French
Date: 25 Apr 2013
FSX KCOS, Colorado Springs/ Peterson AFB, CO.
Custom built detailed terminal, hangars, nearby buildings, hotels, AFCAD includes parking for C-17s, C-130's, and is parking coded for military AI. Added fuel trucks and GSE. EZ Scenery, Rwy12, GGSE, and Dan French Core Libraries Vol 2 FSX or higher required, DLFCORELIBRARIES2FSX.ZIP.

FSX Scenery
Download: type81_tribal_class_frigates.zip (6039 KB)

Author: Mike Hudson
Date: 25 Apr 2013
FSX Type 81 Tribal Class Frigates.
Helicopter landable, provided in both static and AI form. All have rotating radar and smoke effect. Four versions are provided, Ashanti, Nubian, Gurkha, and Eskimo, depicting the vessels at various stages in their life. Can be used alone or as escort to an aircraft carrier. All four are provided both with and without wake.

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